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Zion’s Way Home Health & Hospice is committed to providing personalized life-changing service across Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Whether you are on the road to recovery and are benefiting from our home health services or enjoying time with loved ones as you near the end of life with the assistance of our hospice program, our mission remains the same.


Home Health Care

Our home health team is committed to meeting you where you are and achieving a speedy and optimal recovery.

Hospice Care

Our team of compassionate professionals will coordinate hospice care with the physicians of your choice to address your emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Joint Replacement Recovery

The Joint Replacement Recovery Programs (JRRP) have been specifically designed for patients preparing for and recovering from Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

Transitional Care

The Transitional Care Program was created for you! The team and the features of the program foster seamless transitions along the continuum of healthcare for patients, caregivers and providers.

Specialty Aide Programs

Some patients, depending on their medical needs and insurance coverage, may be eligible for certain long-term specialty home health programs when documented, diagnosed medical conditions require extensive services or substantial physical assistance with activities of daily living but little skilled care.


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