Joint Replacement Recovery

In collaboration with a physician and surgeon serving as the Orthopedic Program Director, the Joint Replacement Recovery Programs (JRRP) have been specifically designed for patients preparing for and recovering from Total Knee and Total Hip Replacement Surgery.  These programs address goals, diagnoses, special considerations, comfort measures, hazards of being immobile, nutrition and exercise.  Prior to surgery, patients meet with their surgeon and their home health team to pre-plan and be fully informed of the entire process from surgery to recovery and beyond.  They receive their JRRP booklets that include extensive and beneficial information about the pre-op, surgery and recovery process.  The home health team is also available to visit the patient’s home prior to surgery to perform in-home safety assessments to ensure the home will be ideal for in-home rehabilitation and recovery.


  • Admission within 24 hours
  • As every plan of care is unique, we design a plan according to your needs to get you independent as soon as possible. 
  • Education Materials and instruction
  • Instructional DVD
  • 24/7 access to nurse and/clinician
  • Education and instruction regarding medications,pain management, and signs of infection.
  • Protocols to avoid re-hospitalization
  • Wound Care and close monitoring of incision site.


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